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Page Rank Explained (Part 1)

Rather than take you through the PageRank algorithm step by step, here are a few key points that explain more or less how it works:

  • As soon as a page enters the Google index, it has an intrinsic PageRank. Admittedly, the PageRank is very small, but itís there.
  • A page has a PageRank only if itís indexed by Google. Links to your site from pages that have not yet been indexed are effectively worthless, as far as PageRank goes.
  • When you place a link on a page, pointing to another page, the pagewith the link is voting for the page itís pointing to. These votes are how PageRank increases. As a page gets more and more links into it, its PageRank grows.
  • Linking to another page doesnít reduce the PageRank of the origin page, but it does increase the PageRank of the receiving page. Itís sort of like a companyís shareholders meeting, at which people with more shares have more votes. They donít lose their shares when they vote. But the more shares they have, the more votes they can place.

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