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Optimize Your Images

Images are the most heavy part of many websites. below are some tips to optimize your image :

  • Try to reduce the amount of images as much as you can.
  • Remove all the fancy GIF animations and replace them with static images.
  • Always define the width and height of an image by setting the image tag attributes. That way, the browser will already know how the things will look like and will load the rest of the page. Otherwise, it loads the image first and then the rest of the page.
  • Consider using smaller clickable thumbnails instead of big images where possible.
  • Reduce the filesize of your images - there are a lot of free tools out there. For example, GIFCruncher for GIFs and JPEG Wizard for JPEGs.
  • Use GIFs instead of JPEGs. JPEGS are only good for fine images like photos, for all other web graphics GIF is usually a better choice.
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