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Optimize Images

The search engines take into consideration the entire content of a Web page. That's why the image files you display on a Web page should be related to the topic.

The search engines want you to create harmonious content and not a soup of mismatches. But because they read only text, the search engines need your help to understand images and other collateral files and that’s the advantage you have over the bots.

You have to apply the most basic SEO principles to help the bots understand the content of the image and sound files. You need to target keywords and write, yep, you guessed it, text.

  1. use keywords in the image file names
  2. do not unite the keywords but separate them with dashes, not underscores
  3. include keywords in the image ALT attributes
  4. place the image in the immediate vicinity of keyword-related content
  5. keep the number of unnecessary images per page as low as possible (unless you are displaying a photo gallery or product search results)
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