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Links from inside of the site will get you so far (sometimes to the top), but if internal linking isn’t getting you where you need to go, then it’s time to bring in some help from outside of your site. Over time, your link building efforts will increase your ability to do things with internal links as well.

With each planning cycle, take stock of your links, and the effectiveness of your link building activities. Activities that have been particularly successful are worth pursuing further or expanding. Those that haven’t delivered need to be improved or removed from your plan.

Because I put a strong emphasis on profitable promotions, I like to try something new with every planning cycle. I always want to have at least one new type of promotion going on, with the goal in mind of creating a profitable marketing activity that will create links as a side benefit.

If you have paid for advertising from vertical directories, take a look at the traffic these links are bringing in, and how well it converts into leads and sales. If you find a particularly profitable type of advertising, then look for ways to expand it, possibly reducing the budget in other areas where you aren’t generating a profit.

In the long run, we want our link building campaign to pay for itself. That’s not an easy goal to reach right away, but it is possible to get there over time.

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