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On Page Optimization

The interesting thing is, even though it's really important to do what I'm about to share with you, the on-page optimization' methods only really are about 15% of what contributes towards your search results ranking. The 85% of where you figure in search results is dependant on the 'off-page optimization' which I'll cover in stage 3. Even though 'on page optimization' only makes up for 15% towards how you get ranked, it is still crucial to carry out these basic but key steps:

  1. Ensure your keyword(s) appear in your pages 'Title tag' of the header code of your website (if you're not sure what this is, ask someone to show you who does know - it's that important). This is vital because it is one of the key things that search engines are looking for - matching the words the searcher types into their search (the keywords) with the title of a website, which in turn should be relevant to the search query. You can take this a stage further by adding in a description in the 'meta description tag' again incorporating your keywords, and then the 'meta keywords tag' which simply includes all your keywords, comma separated.
  2. Make the webpage you are pointing the keyword towards relevant to that keyword. In other words don't have a keyword like 'dog training tips' and then have a webpage all about horses, cats, dogs and loads of other animals with little specific relevancy to dogs or dog training - make sure the webpage is relevant to your keyword.
  3. Build into your website a simple Sitemap. Understand that the way search engines search the web is they look for (crawl) words and phrases in all the code of your website - they don't understand pretty pictures, graphics, flash animations, etc - all they want to find is words and phrases relevant to want the searcher is looking for. So make it easy for the search engines to look over your website looking for those vital words and phrases. One way to do this and make it easier for the search engines to find the info they want is by incorporating a simply site map within your website. Again, if this doesn't make sense to you, ask your webmaster about it.
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