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Offpage Optimization

Offpage optimization is THE most important aspect of ranking well in ANY search engine, period. It's critical you know this. For offpage optimization...

  • You must have links pointing to your website.
  • These links must include your main keywords in the "anchor text".
  • It's best to get links from the exact same websites that the top ranked websites have their links on.
  • Try to get links from as many different IP Addresses as possible.
  • It's best to have close to the same % of links containing the specific keyword you're trying to rank well for, as the top ranked websites. Shows you this. In order to get links to your website, you can trade links with other people buy sending link requests.
  • You can also buy text links
  • You can write articles and submit them to websites. Include a link to your website in the footer of your article.
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The Secret of Domain Optimization is not same as so that you have to make it same with redirection.

Header Optimization Tips
The header tags (H1, H2, H3 and so on) alert search engine spiders of the relevancy of the content that follows the heading tag.

The secret of Images Optimization
Since google can not read content in image, we have to optimize how we serve image, so that google know what is the images about