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Meta Tag Title

The site title tag is the most important meta tag. The site title meta tag is still read and indexed by all the major engines. How do we know this? Because it appears at the top of each organic search entry in the search engine results pages. However, some SEOs dispute whether it is really a meta tag at all – because the information the tag contains is clearly visible in the top left corner of the blue area surrounding the screen. The recommendation of RFC 1866, the international standard for HTML, is that the tag should contain no more than 64 characters, including spaces. There is nothing physically stopping you exceeding this limit. I have seen some major sites with 150 characters in this tag. However the typical, browser can only show 70 or so characters and secondly, and with more characters, the impact of keywords within the tag is progressively diluted. From my experience the keywords in the early part of the tag carry more weight. I personally prefer a limit of 50 to 55 characters. Checking the quality of the title meta tag is the quickest way of assessing whether a site has been optimised.

A key debate, given the character limitations, is whether you should include the organisation’s name in the title meta tag. Much depends on the names length and whether it includes desired keywords. My view is that with limited space, you are wasting a valuable resource if you use your organisation name here.

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