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Meta Keywords Tag Optimization

The meta keywords tag is not supported by many major search engines. While it is important to choose the correct keywords for your page, the meta keywords tag itself is not used by many top SEO experts.

Mike Grehan interviewed Jon Glick (of Yahoo! Search) and asked him about the meta keyword tag. Jon stated that the meta keyword tag is used to include a page among a subset of search results, but is not used in determining the relevancy of that page for the given search term.

If a word does not exist on a page and is not in any of its inbound linkage data then search engines such as Yahoo! may not know to include the page in search results unless it exists in the keyword tag. I usually do not use the meta keywords tag on my pages (as it is not usually very important), but it can help you out some if there are many different ways to say your product names.

If you use the meta keywords tag it should be unique for each page you place it on. The keywords tag is a good place to put common misspellings, synonyms, and alternate versions of a word.

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