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Meta Description Tag Optimization

The meta description tag has varying levels of relevancy in different search engines. Many search engines still support it and display it in their page description snippets in their search results. I suggest trying to get multiple versions of your main keywords, and your main keywords themselves in this tag a few times.

This tag should be between a sentence to a paragraph and not visually appear keyword stuffed. The sentences should read well to the human eye since this tag is still used in many search results pages.

Many search engines will use the meta description as part of the page abstract if the exact search term that was searched for is found in the meta description tag. Additionally it sometimes appears in search results if the search engine can not extract meaningful content from the page copy or if the algorithm feels the meta description will provide a more useful presentation.

Some people fail to realize that a good presentation within the search results could mean that a number two or three listing could get more traffic than a number one listing. The meta description tag can often be used to help craft a good search presentation for your most popular phrases.

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