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Mention your site in discussion groups

Many discussion groups are indexed by the search engines. You need to find a discussion group that publishes messages on the Web, so an e-mail–based discussion group that does not archive the messages in Web pages won’t help you.

Whenever you leave a message in the discussion group, make sure that you use a message signature that has a link to your site and also include the link in the message itself.

Sometimes URLs in messages and signatures are read as links, and sometimes they aren’t. If you type in a message, the software processing the message can handle the URL in one of two ways:

  1. It can enter the URL into the page as simple text.
  2. It can convert the URL to a true HTML link (<A HREF=""> </A>).

If the URL is not converted to a true link, it won’t be regarded as a link by the search engines.

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