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Manipulating Search Engines

SEO is about manipulating search engines ó to an extent. Beyond that, the manipulation becomes something more sinister and you run the risk of having your web site removed from the search engine rankings completely. Itís true. It happens So what exactly can and canít you do? Thereís a list.

  • Create a web site that contains meta tags, content, graphics, and keywords that help iimprove your site ranking.
  • Use keywords liberally on your site, so long as they are used in the correct context of your site topic and content.
  • Include reciprocal links to your site from others as long as those links are legitimate and relevant.
  • Encourage web site traffic through many venues, including keyword advertising, reciprocal links, and marketing campaigns.
  • Submit your web site to search engines manually, rather than waiting for them to pick up your site in the natural course of cataloging web sites.
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