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Log Analysis

With the log analyzer, you can extract information regarding the number of unique IP addresses, the number of times the page has been viewed, the number of visitors to the site and the number of entries that come from individual search engines. By knowing the number of unique IP addresses of a website, you get to know the number of unique requests that are made to a server. It should be known that the unique IP address does not indicate a unique visitor; sometimes image files and other resources that are requested from the website are recorded in the log file.The log analyzer also informs you of the number of visitors to a site. When we speak of visitors on the internet, it indicates the number of people who have retrieved information files you have on your website. These information files are usually html pages, such as htm and asp, and data files such as exe and zip. The image files and other supporting files that are found on the website are not considered to be information files.

The next piece of information the log analyzer provides is the number of page views of a particular web page. Page views are also called impressions and indicate the total number of html downloads that are made from the site. Usually, the number of page views is comparatively more than the number of visitors to a site. This is because on visiting a website, the visitor usually examines more than a single page. However, there have been occasions where the opposite situation too has arisen. Sometimes, software download sites may have file download requests with not many visits to the other pages of the site. With the log analyzer, you get to know the number of entries to the website that comes from search engines. All visitors to a website through a search engine are treated like other visitors to the website. It is because people prefer the search engine optimization tactics of that particular search engine that they use that search engine. You can thus find out which search engine is more popular with the help of the log analyzer.

The log analyzer provides numerous reports with each report giving details of different types of visits made to the website. One report may give information on the number of views and entries out of search engines and the traffic generated by the page. Another report gives information about the keywords used to access the site while yet another may give information on referrer's statistics. Another report may give an address about the IP addresses of systems making requests. All of this information about a website is possible with the help of a log analyzer.

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