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The best known system of static links exchange is Link Vault, where each added website is individually checked by the moderator, which ensures good quality of the system. Subject and language is set for each page, which provides high subject conformity of the links exchanging services. Register in Link Vault and benefit from the great power of static links (with anchor text stated by yourself) placed in hundreds of quality services with a high PageRank level. A Polish system of static links exchange is LinkujPRO. It is based on Link Vault's solutions and requires a little polishing up in comparison with LV, but it is developing quite quickly and works steadily, providing its services with good effects. For some time now I have also been testing two more Polish links Exchange systems: LiveLink and LinkOrn. An advantage of LiveLink is that when giving points not only the PageRank note and the number of indexed pages are taken into account, but also the amount of outgoing links (websites with few outgoing links are appreciated) and the place where the system links are placed - top, middle or bottom of the page. In the documentation they write: 'The team believes that the higher in the code the links are placed, the more valuable they are.It doesn't need to be at the top of the page (it can be somewhere in the middle), but a place other than the imprint should be indeed appreciated.
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