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Link Booming

One anchor-text tactic to avoid is Google bombing (or link bombing). Google bombing refers to the methods used by black-hat SEOs to artificially inflate their web-site ranking by connecting an unrelated keyword to a specific web site. For Google bombing to work, more than one web-site designer must be willing to participate in a link exchange that will then grow exponentially because of the “apparent” popularity of the site.

For example, if in September 2006 a user searched for the phrase “miserable failure,” that user was taken to the George W. Bush web site. A group of web-site designers got together and all of them used the anchor text “miserable failure” to link to Bush’s web site, pushing far more traffic to the site than would otherwise have gone there.

Usually, Google bombing is politically related, though it is not exclusively political. And Google bombs aren’t limited to the Google search engine. Any search engine can be affected by Google bombing, which is also sometimes called link bombing.

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