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Link Analysis

Google looks at the number of links to a document (back links) and the growth or disappearance of these links over time. A downward trend in the number of links to a document, decline in the rate of link growth or disappearance of links may indicate that a document is getting stale whilst an upward trend in links and rate of link growth may indicate that a document is fresh. In addition, detailed graphs of link growth over time can be used to show particular patterns for fresh documents, stale documents, those that may no longer be updated or that have been superseded. Also, a weight may be given to every link based on the freshness of the overall document in which it is contained. Links from authoritative sources, like Government pages are weighted higher.

  • The dates that links appear can be used to detect if links are SPAM. A 'legitimate' document attracts back links slowly whilst a sudden growth in links particularly from documents without editorial discretion, like guest books, referrer logs, 'free for all' pages could indicate SPAM.
  • Using a link generating program in the beginning could be beneficial. Services such as are worth examining. This to great way to get your incoming link ball rolling. Then once your site gains popularity you’ll see a lot more natural links coming your way.
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