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Learn SEO

At the beginning SEO may look confusing and something only experts can do. You will see these SEO experts offering their SEO services, and it may look hard to do but everyone can do it, all you have to do it learn.

Here are 7 reasons why you need to learn SEO:

  1. As mentioned in the last paragraph it is the number one tool. As you learn how internet marketing works, you will see SEO has a lot to do with it.
  2. SEO is not only for building web pages, you can see it work in all aspects of internet marketing: Web pages, blog posts, article marketing, social bookmarking and more.
  3. SEO is not as scary as the SEO experts want you to think it is, after you learn the basics rules of SEO, you will never pay for someone else doing it for you again.
  4. When you work online, it is very helpful to hire people to do some of the work for you; however SEO is important and need to be tested all the time and monitored. You must know SEO to check if the job is done correctly and to your benefits.
  5. Your hired help can only do some of the work for you, if you do some of the work yourself, and want fast results, the best way is to learn and do the SEO part yourself, this way your web pages or content will get indexed faster with the search engines.
  6. Learning SEO will put you in front of all the other internet marketers who don't know SEO yet. They are your competitors, and if they don't use SEO to get top rankings with the search engines, it means you will get there first.
  7. Learning SEO can also help you "spy" on your competitors, the ones you see on the first page, see what they do to get the top ranking and duplicate it for better results. Notice only to duplicate the way they got to the top and not their content.
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