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Know Your Visitors

Before you can properly implement search engine optimization you must start by understanding exactly what sort of viewer you want to attract or are currently attracting to your website. In order to generate the best possible optimization we need to know what your potential visitors are looking for. If we cannot discover this then there is not much of a reason to optimize a website for search engines. If you are building a website from scratch then we must do a little more research than website owners who already have an existing website.

If you currently have an active website, you should have access to some sort of website statistics. We will discuss more about website statistics and analytics application. Website statistics (or web log statistics) can help you find what keywords your visitors are using to find your website, these statistics also help you to “see” which search engines and websites are sending traffic to your website.

For new websites that are not receiving much or any traffic, we have to take a different approach to finding suitable keywords for the site and content. We need to ask ourselves a couple of question so we can properly identify our visitors (target audience), this will help us determine

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