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Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing is the deliberate beefing up of particular phrases in the content of the web page. It is a search engine optimization technique for any adult web site promotion .

History of keyword stuffing
The keyword stuffing has made history more for its abuses than for its uses. It was used as a bait to hook more and more traffic onto its web page, in an attempt to ethically or unethically shovel up the rankings of the websites.

Consider some instances-keyword stuffers used to hide the irrelevant keywords, by coloring it same as the web page background, making the search a mountain out of a mole hill. The more intellectual web designers infested their contents with most coveted words like ‘sex’ even it had far anything to do with that pretext.

Some stuffing freaks did this art ad nauseam, as such at the end of the day there were more keywords on the web page than its contents and the web page looked more of an American tattooed pattern.Then one day, all of a sudden leading search engine websites like Google and Msn , came down heavily on these practices and specified their norms to keyword stuffing , failing which the web designers would be nabbed and their website banned for ever.

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