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Keyword Phrase

You’re going to optimize each page for one or two keyword phrases. By optimize, I mean create the page in such a manner that it has a good chance of ranking well for the chosen keyword phrase or phrases, when someone actually uses them in a search engine.

You can’t optimize a page well for more than one keyword phrase at a time. The TITLE tag is one of the most important components on a Web page, and the best position for a keyword is right at the beginning of that tag. And only one phrase can be placed at the beginning of the tag, right?

Have a primary and a secondary keyword phrase in mind for each page you’re creating, but also consider all the keywords you’re interested in working into the pages. For instance, you might create a page that you plan to optimize for the phrase rodent racing. But you also have several other keywords you want to have scattered around your site: rodent racing scores, handicap, gerbil, rodentia, furry friend events, and so on. Typically, you pick one main phrase for each page, but incorporate the other keyword phrases throughout the page, where appropriate.

Place your keyword list into a word processor, enlarge the font, and then print the list and tape it to the wall. Occasionally, while creating your pages, glance at the list to remind yourself of what words you need to weave into your pages.

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