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Keyword Meta Tag

If you use the meta keywords tag it should be unique for each page you place it on. The keywords tag is a good place to put common misspellings, synonyms, and alternate versions of a word.

Here are sample Uses of the Meta Keywords Tag:

  • If you optimized a page for the keyword phrase “drop shipping” you may want to include the word “dropshipping” in your keywords tag.
  • Notice how in my above example meta keyword tag I spelled the word optimization with an s. I targeted the phrase with a z and am placing s versions in my keywords tag. The term is likely going to be too competive to compete for using just a meta tag, but most phrases are not going to be as competitive as search engine optimisation.
  • Some items are model 15-M or 15M or Cannon 15-M or Cannon 15M.
  • Prescription is often mistyped as perscription.

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