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JavaScript & Active Client Side Scripting

Approximately 10% of web browsers are not JavaScript enabled for one reason or another. I recommend minimizing the number of pages using JavaScript whenever possible. In addition you may want to make your JavaScript it’s own external .js file and link to it from within your pages. This can decrease page load time and improve usability. You can link to the external .js file by placing the following code in your page head.

<script language="JavaScript" src="filename.js"> </script>

If your entire page is in a JavaScript some people will not see it. If your entire page is JavaScript many search engines may not index it properly either. Ensure you use NoScript tags to define what was in the JavaScript to users with that feature disabled. NoScript tags look like this, and should be placed just after a scripts location:

<noscript> java description and or links </noscript>
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