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Important Linking Tips

Is it a contextual link with a good, keyword targeted, alternative text? You scored! That’s what you need to rank high in the SERPs (search engine positioning results). Take a look at the list below to learn how to determine the value of a link.

  1. Contextual links carry more weight than any other links because the search engines identify them as ―link recommendations.‖ Such links are enclosed within the content of a page — for example the text of an article.
  2. Although a link might be on a PR0 (PageRank 0) page, this doesn’t mean that the value of the link that page gives to another site is low. On the contrary: content related to the page the link points to will prove its SEO value in time.
  3. Links with good anchor text on a ―related links‖ page are really valuable when you manage to be at the top of the list (better exposure), you have a keyword rich and catchy title (or anchor text) and there are not more than 50 other links on the same page.
  4. Directory listings are good when they are in the right category and they bring you targeted traffic.
  5. Stay away from porn, gambling and booze sites, as well as from link farms and other bad neighbors.
  6. Paid links are tricky. Buying links or banner space on popular websites is pure advertising and advertising is good.
  7. Dive into social media for better links: target bloggers and social bookmarkers to comment on your products and services by building link bait strategies.
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