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Importance of Meta Description

In most cases, Google doesnít use the text from the DESCRIPTION meta tag in its search results page. Rather, Google grabs a block of text near where it found the search keywords on the page, and then uses that text in the results page. sometimes search engines use the site description from a Web directory in the index search results Still, using the DESCRIPTION meta tag is important for the following reasons

  1. Sometimes search engines do use the DESCRIPTION you provide. If it canít find the keywords in the page (perhaps it found the page based on its TITLE tag or links pointing at the page rather than page content, for instance), a search engine may use the DESCRIPTION.
  2. Search engines index the DESCRIPTION.
  3. Some smaller search engines use the DESCRIPTION tag in the results.The DESCRIPTION meta tag is pretty important, so you should use it. Place the DESCRIPTION tag immediately below the TITLE tags and then create a nice keyworded description of up to 250 characters (again, including spaces).
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Meta Description Tag Optimization
Many search engines still support it and display it in their page description snippets in their search results.

Examining the Meta Description tag
The DESCRIPTION tag is important because search engines often index it.

Description Meta Tags
Description Meta tags are special HTML tags that can be used to carry information