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How to Succeed in Google

Google usually lists a site within a few days to a month. During the first month or two it is common for your site to go into and out of their database many times until you have built up sufficient link popularity. Comprehensive directory registration and a variety of forum sig links can help keep you in the search index.

Google primarily focuses its algorithm on linkage data. On page criteria is weighted exceptionally lowly for shorter and highly competitive search phrases. To do well in Google you will need to target less competitive phrases using many different pages, or think of ways to get others within your community to want to link to your site using your primary keywords in the link text. Some of the more common ideas for improving your link count are to:

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How to increase google page rank?
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What is Google Page Rank?
PageRank is a numeric value that represents how important a page is on the web.

How do I get top Google rankings?
If you do this, you will get a very high domain based score and you will easily outrank the over-optimized competition.