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How to Prevent Decrease PageRank

Itís possible for PageRank to leak out of a site, despite the fact that pages donít lose PageRank when they link to other pages. Hereís how: Each time you link from one page to another, the origin page is voting for the recipient page. Thus, a link from one page in your site to another page in your site is a vote for that other page. If you link to a page on another site, youíre voting for another siteís page rather than your siteís page.

Suppose that you have a page with a PageRank of 10,000 and it has 40 links on it. Each link is getting a PageRank vote of 250 (250 ◊ 40 = 10,000). Now suppose that half the links on the page are external. In that case, youíre taking 5,000 votes and pointing to pages out of your site rather than inside your site. So PageRank leaks in the sense that your overall site PageRank is lower.

As a general rule, you should worry more about getting backlinks to your site from appropriate Web sites than about how much PageRank is leaking through your outgoing links. You can do two simple things to help reduce rank leak:

  • If you have a page with lots of outgoing links, make sure it also has links to the other pages in your site. Youíll be splitting the vote that way between outgoing and internal links, instead of passing all of it on through outgoing links.
  • Ideally, you want the page with the external links to be one with a low PageRank, reducing the outgoing votes. You can do that by minimizing the number of links from other pages on your site into the link page.
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