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How To Optimise Website

How search engines work is part of their proprietary knowledge. The exact workings of their algorithms are closely guarded commercial secrets. However, guidance to how these algorithms (or algos) work can be found or deduced from various sources. Some general guidance is available free, directly from the search engines’ own web sites. Some guidance can be found from examining the various Google and related patents. Some general guidance can be found from authoritative articles on SEO forum sites. However, real world applications of this knowledge can only be found by experimentation and trial and error.

There are some general rules. Applying them will provide a route to improved search engine visibility. The guidance in this section could be broadly applied to the three main engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN. However, given its dominance, much of the advice is derived from my interpretation of the Google “Hilltop” patent of 2001. The patent is believed by SEOs to have been the basis of the so-called Google “Florida” update of November 2003.

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