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How To Get One Way Links?

Once you’ve managed to build your own website you are facing a huge dilemma: how to get your site indexed by search engines and how to get those one way links so valuable for SE.

One important way of getting one way links to your site is doing slow manual directory submissions.

You might ask why ‘slow’?

As anyone may know, a site is not immediately listed by a directory. It all depends on their human editors and on their availability to check all sites submitted to their directory. It may take up to 2-3 months for a directory to accept a site, as they’re all having a huge number of pending links each day.

Even if it takes quite a while for a directory to list a link, it is way better to spread this manual process over a few months period. This way the process will seem much more natural by search engines. No search engine will trust a large number of links of a new site being listed in a short time.

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