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How to Get Listed In Google

There are three ways to list your site with Google, but I will warn you that using any one of these 3 methods no longer guarantees your site will be listed. Google is getting more and more selective about who gets in, and the first step is ensuring that your site is full of useful, unique content. After that, work on getting quality, relevant sites to link back to you. These days those two steps are the best ways to find your site in the almighty Google.

  1. Submit your website at
  2. Submit sitemap, if you dont have sitemap, generate with free online sitemap generator then submit your sitemap to google with sign up google webmaster tools or you can use our submit sitemap tools.
  3. The third way to get listed is to be linked from another web site that is already in Google. That way, when Google's spider goes to visit that site for updates, it will pick up the link to your site and add it. This method does not always work, but many sites do get in this way. click here to get backlink.
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