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How To Add Keywords

When you’re out on your content hunt, remember that the purpose is keywords. You’re trying to add keywords to your site. You can do that several ways:

  • Find content with the keywords already in it. You want content that has at least some of your keywords, though you’ll often find it’s not enough.
  • Add keywords to the content you get. In some cases, you shouldn’t edit the content because you’ll be expected to use the content without changes. In other cases, you may be allowed to modify the content. You can, for instance, modify open content , and some syndicators allow it. As syndicator Featurewell says, “Clients can make minor edits to stories and photos, provided they do not modify or change the meaning, tone or general context of the articles. . . .” Thus you could replace a few words here and there with your keywords, as long as the article still makes sense and retains the same tone and context.
  • Chunk up the article. Break it into smaller, Web-friendly pieces and separating each piece with a heading (containing keywords, of course).
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