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How Search Engine Know Duplicate Content?

Some search engines now look for four types of duplicate content:

  • Highly distributed articles. These are the free articles that seem to appear on every single web site about a given topic. This content has usually been provided by a marketing-savvy entrepreneur as a way to gain attention for his or her project or passion. But no matter how valuable the information, if it appears on hundreds of sites, it will be deemed duplicate and that will reduce your chances of being listed high in the search result rankings.
  • Product descriptions for e-commerce stores. The product descriptions included on nearly all web pages are not included in search engine results. Product descriptions can be very small and depending on how many products you’re offering, there could be thousands of them. Crawlers are designed to skip over most product descriptions. Otherwise, a crawler might never be able to work completely through your site.
  • Duplicate web pages. It does no good whatever for a user to click through a search result only to find that your web pages have been shared with everyone else. These duplicate pages gum up the works and reduce the level at which your pages end up in the search results.
  • Content that has been scraped from numerous other sites. Content scraping is the practice of pulling content from other web sites and repackaging it so that it looks like your own content. Although scraped content may look different from the original, it is still duplicate content, and many search engines will leave you completely out of the search index and the search results.
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