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How Links and Linking Work?

You’ve seen how important links are to your SEO strategy, and you’ve seen how links affect your Google PageRank, but how, really, do links work for improving your SEO? As you’ve already seen,a link to your site is a vote for the relevance of your site. So, if you’re linking out to other sites, then you’re voting for them. And internal links ensure that a search engine crawler can find the various pages in your site. A dangling link is a link that leads into a page that has no links leading out of it.

Each of these different types of links affects site ranking differently for engines that take linking architectures into consideration. For example, a dangling link could be ignored entirely by a search engine, or the page to which the link points could score lower on the linking metrics because all the links are coming into the page, but there are none going out. And that’s what makes linking such a fine science. You need to know how the links on your site will affect the amount of traffic the site has. You also need to know how to have links without going overboard,

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Why are Links so Powerful?
Links from other webmasters are viewed by search engines as unbiased third party votes.

Importance of Number of Links on the Page
Any page only has a certain amount of link popularity which it can redistribute to other pages.

How many links do I need?
Your inbound link-building activities fall into two groups: active and passive.