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How Google Works

How on earth does Google do it? How does it evaluate and compare pages? How do other search engines do the same? Well, I don’t know exactly. The search engines don’t want you to know how they work (or it would be too easy to create pages that exactly match the search system, “giving them what they want to see”). But I can explain the general concept.

When Google searches for your search term, it begins by looking for pages containing the exact phrase. Then it starts looking for pages containing the words close together. Then it looks for pages that have the pages scattered around. This isn’t necessarily the order in which a search engine shows you pages; in some cases, pages with words close together (but not the exact phrase) appear higher than pages with the exact phrase, for instance. That’s because search engines evaluate pages according to a variety of criteria.

The search engines look at many factors. They look for the words throughout the page, both in the visible page and in the HTML source code for the page. Each time they find the words, they are weighted in some way. A word in one position is “worth” more than a word in another position. A word formatted in one way is “worth” more than a word formatted in another.

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