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How do you identify a Search Engine Robot?

Search engines send out what are called spiders, crawlers or robots to visit your site and gather web pages. These Search Engine robots leave traces behind in your access logs, just as an ordinary person does. If you know what to look for, you can tell when a spider has come to call. That can save you worrying that you haven't been visited. You can tell exactly what a robot has recorded or failed to record. You can also spot robots that may be making a large number of requests, which can affect your page impression statistics or even burden your server.

A better way of spotting spiders is to look for their agent names, or what some people call browser names. Spiders or search engine robots have their own names, just like browsers. For example, Netscape identifies itself by saying Mozilla. Alta Vista's spider says Scooter, while yahoo's spider is named Slurp

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