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How do I get top Google rankings?

  1. Add new content frequently (at least once a week).
  2. Write long in-depth content instead of short pages. Longer pages will always outperform shorter ones.
  3. Don't over-optimize. Think about making your navigation readable, your text readable and include more keywords only if you think it is appropriate to your users. Write naturally and include related terms, synonyms etc.
  4. Don't be over-aggressive with link building.
  5. Link out to other good sites/pages in your articles.
  6. Cross-reference your content by putting links within your content to other pages on your site.
  7. Use long descriptive anchor text. Keyword density in content/links is a myth.
  8. Publish unique content. Forget about duplicate content. It does not work on Google.
  9. Have some patience. Let your site age and don't stop working on any factor (content, links).
  10. It is better to lay off link building than adding fresh unique high-quality content.
  11. Content is King.

When you do all of these above, you will get a very high domain based score and you will easily outrank the over-optimized competition.

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