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Header Optimization Tips

HTML headers syntax are <h1>, <h2>, <h3>until <h6> with H1 is the bigest and H6 is the smallest. below is some tips to optimize headers :
  • IMPORTANT: More is not better, don't overuse!Limit each page to one H1 & 1-2 H2s, then use H3s
  • Limit length of heading tags; less words to take away weight from your target phrase
  • Include exact target phrases with-in heading tags, but use variations to avoid obvious repetition
  • Place target phrases toward the front of heading tags for best performance
  • Place heading tags in order. H1 should appear first in code, the H2 and so on
  • Support the heading tag with content; each heading should precede a body of relevant content
  • TIP: Style your H1, H2 & H3 headings using CSS to change their appearance - standard headings are not visually appealing.
  • TIP: Avoid using CSS to hide your heading tags (yes it's technically possible using 'visibility: none;' ) This can cause you more trouble with search engines including devaluating content or even a ban.
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