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Free Search Engine Optimization Guide

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important to increase traffic to your website, below is some SEO Tips to give you advise to build your own SEO in your website.

SEO For Local Markets
SEO for local markets is not a marketing technique but a sophisticated local technique of optimizing websites on a local basis.

Sitemap Page
By creating a site map, users and search engines can now access any page on the site with only two clicks.

Whenever possible, you should save your images, media, and web pages with the keywords in the file names.

Use Headings
Headings play an important role in organizing information for your website.

Find Best Keywords
It would be a waste of your time to optimize your website for keywords that are not even being searched for.

Content Meta
Use a unique and relevant title, meta description and meta keyword on every page.

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