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Google Sitemap

Google has a very elaborate standard for providing a sitemap. It allows a webmaster to provide information in several formats, but the preferred format is an XML-based standard specified by Google. Google claims that using Google Sitemaps will result in “a smarter crawl because you can tell [them] when a page was last modified or how frequently a page changes.”

However, according to Google, “using this protocol does not guarantee that your web pages will be included in search indexes,” and “… using this protocol will not influence the way your pages are ranked by Google.” Creating a sitemap for your site entails the following:

  1. Creating a Google account, if you don’t have one here
  2. Creating a sitemap file. Click here to create a google sitemap
  3. Adding the sitemap to your account, or you can use our submit google sitemap tools
  4. Verifying the site. This implies making a certain change to your site, so that Google will know you’re a person authorized to modify the site. Doing so involves the addition of a randomly named file or meta-tag to your web site. To maintain Google sitemap functionality, these must not be removed once added.
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Informing google about updates content in your site, through your XML sitemap.