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Google and Spam

Google is primarily a mathematical company and they usually state that they try to handle spam via algorithms. While the term algorithm can be used loosely and there is human intervention, but I am told that they do not specifically respond to most spam reports. You can report spam to help them improve their algorithms if you want to, but do not expect it to have much immediate effect on search results. Generally time spent reporting spam to Google would be better spent making a better site.

If your site is kicked out of the index for an automated spam penalty it will usually come back after 60 days if the thing that triggered the spam penalty has been removed. You also can send them a re inclusion request email to or after you have cleaned up your site explaining a sob story of how some SEO company ripped you off. If you are still having problems after emailing them a few times you can call them at 650-330-0100. While they do not openly and publicly advertise it, big spenders on Google AdWords can get one on one ranking consultations.

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