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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web site statistics application that you can use to track your web site traffic. You can access Google Analytics by going to You are required to have a Google user name to access the program.

If you do not have a Google user name, you can create one when you sign up for the application. It’s simple. Provide your e-mail address and a password, type the verification word from the graphic provided, and then read the Terms of Service and click “I accept. Create my account.”

Once you’ve created your user name and password, accessing the tracking capabilities of Google is no problem. You’ll need to copy a snippet of text that Google provides into the coding of your web site. Once you’ve added the code to your site it will take a few days for Google to gather enough information to provide reports about your site, and as much as two months to gather enough data to give you real insight into your site. But once there is enough data, you’ll have access to the keywords that most often lead visitors to your site.

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