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Good Web Design

When designing your website, keep these quality aspects in mind as they will help you develop pages worth visiting. How to choose the way to host your website is half of the problem, the other half is to create a website that people would want to visit and come back to. Knowledge of producing a good design can help you get the most out of your creations. Good web design allows for :

  1. Easy navigation
    through the written words and the pictures you want the world to view.
  2. Website Speed
    What you need to be concerned with is the speed with which your website loads and the amount of uptime your host claims to give. When traffic is a heavy a slow loading website will frustrate interested viewers, and cause them to leave.
  3. Backup Power And Internet Connectivity
    In addition you need to backup plan for power and Internet connectivity. Many top hosts claim 99+% uptime year round.
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Flash is not good for SEO
Flash is evil to SEO. Using flash images are usually a waste for a few reasons.

Consistent Site Design
People expect to see things in certain places. so you have to consistent site design.

Picking Good Keywords
Another huge problem is that many companies have no idea what keywords they should be using