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Get Traffic From Yahoo

Yahoo! usually lists a site within about a month. The best way to get your site submitted is by building a strong linking campaign. If you need to get your site indexed quickly Yahoo! does have a paid inclusion program which I generally do not recommend using for most websites. Site Match is recommended for large databases that are hard to crawl, sites with rapidly rotating stock, or sites which need the tracking provided by the Site Match program

While also factoring in linkage data, Yahoo! Search places a bit more weight on “on the page” factors than Google does. Yahoo! Search results seem to be a bit easier to manipulate than Google’s search results.

To do well in Yahoo! Search your pages should have a decent keyword density and be properly structured using keyword rich heading tags, subheadings, descriptive linking and navigation

High rankings for more competitive terms will require you to build a linking campaign. Yahoo! Search may not be as discriminatory as Google is with scrubbing out bad links. Off topic inbound links are still somewhat powerful in help you improve your Yahoo!

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