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Get Links from Directory

Some directories will only list your real site name. When submitting to the major directories you want to get the best listing you can, but many of the workers work free. You must realize that they are helping you (often for free). To make their job easy ensure you:

  1. Submit your site to directory with right category.
  2. Read the directory submission tips.
  3. Check to see how other sites in that category are listed. If they primarily are listed by site title make sure you submit your actual site title. If they seem tobe a bit liberal (allowing keyword stuffed listings) you may want to submit with a more liberal and keyword dense title.
  4. Use a suitable description.
  5. View the other entries in the category so you can see the style of the other listings.
  6. Emulate the style of other listings, but provide your own original factual details in the description. Try your best to state what sets you apart or what is your unique selling proposition.
  7. This is another reason why it is important to pick a site name which has your primary keywords in the URL. Keyword rich domain names lead to keyword rich links from directories.
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