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Geo-targeting provides different content depending on the type of visitor — but by their physical location on Earth. Search engine spiders are not treated any differently than human visitors. This technique is useful when you want to show different content to a user from France than to a user from the United States, for example.

Geo-targeting is related to foreign search engine optimization in that it allows a site to tailor content to various regions. For example, Google uses geo-targeting to redirect users of to country-specific domains, which is a stated approval of IP delivery as an ethical practice. This is a stark contrast to Google’s current stated stance on cloaking.

Geo-targeting is regarded as ethical by all search engines. Matt Cutts of Google states that “IP delivery [for Geo-targeting] is fine, but don’t do anything special for Googlebot. Just treat it like a typical user visiting the site.” However, because Google may use the actual physical location of your web server in the ranking algorithms, it may be wise to use this technique to redirect your users to a server located in their region, instead of simply changing the content.

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