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Foreign Language SEO

The Internet is a globalized economy. Web sites can be hosted and contain anything that the author would like. Users are free to peruse pages or order items from any country. Regardless, for the most part, a user residing in the United States would like to see widgets from the United States. And a user in Romania would like to see widgets from Romania. It is also likely that a user in England would prefer to see products from England, not the United States — regardless of the language being substantially the same. There are some exceptions, but in general, to enhance user experience, a search engine may treat web sites from the same region in the same language as the user preferentially.

Needless to say, Internet marketing presents many opportunities; and nothing stops a search engine marketer from targeting customers from other countries and/or languages. However, he or she should be aware of a few things, and use all applicable cues to indicate properly to the search engine which language and region a site is focused on. First of all, if you aim at a foreign market, it is essential to employ a competent copywriting service to author or translate your content to a particular foreign language. He or she should know how to translate for the specific market you are targeting. American Spanish, for example, is somewhat different than Argentine Spanish. Even proper translation may be riddled with problems. Foreign language search behavior often differs by dialect, and using the common terminology is key.

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