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Focusing a Site & Combining Site Ideas

One time a person contacted me asking for a bit of help with their site. They wanted me to submit their site to directories. When I looked at their site it sold handmade hemp jewelry and SEO services.

In the real world you would never see people do something like this, but many people think it is fine on the web. On the web there are even more alternatives to your business than in the real world. You need to focus on the consumer that much more.

It is fine to have many unique ideas, but each site should cover its own specific niche. If you cross industries within your site you weaken your brand and offend many people. What are the odds that you were looking for SEO services while you were shopping for hemp? Even within the specific niche of SEO I can have a site for linking, one for keyword research, one for pay per click…the list goes on. Most websites fail because they fail to properly focus, not because they are too focused.

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