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Flash and AJAX SEO Problem

Unfortunately, both Flash and AJAX technologies can pose major problems for search engines when used pervasively. Sites that are entirely Flash or AJAX based will not be indexed very well, if it all. The rationale is fairly simple. Search engines are designed to index pages, not applications. Sites built entirely with Flash or entirely with AJAX involve a huge paradigm shift. They do not employ pages for the various elements of a site; rather, they are, more or less, an application embedded on a single page.

Furthermore, even if a search engine could figure out how to interpret a Flash file or AJAX application adequately, parsing and indexing its pertinent content, there would be no way to navigate to that particular part of the application using a URL. Therefore, because the primary goal of a search engine is to provide relevant results to a user, a search engine will be hesitant to rank content in those media well. Lastly, both Flash and AJAX would invite several more innovative and harder-to-detect forms of spam.

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