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Finding Appropriate Keywords

A more systematic approach is to find out how many searches actually occur for each search term. Two global systems are Word Tracker and Overture keyword suggestion tool.

Word Tracker takes a large sample of searches across a number of search engine networks from around the world. Overture provides a precise picture of the volume of searches from the previous month on each of its national networks. The Overture tool is free and can be accessed directly by clicking here.

Word Tracker is a proprietary programme and costs money to license. However a summary of both Word Tracker and Overture search volumes can be accessed for free at You need to select a word or phrase that generates sufficient search volumes but one that is relevant to your site. A two, three or four word search termis generally more useful than a single word term. However, beyond four words and the numbers of searches tends to drop dramatically.

As explained, Word Tracker is a world wide sample. And it typically includes a number of spelling variations for different English speaking countries. Ensure that the spelling variation you are checking is relevant to your geographic target.

Overture covers all the searches received on its network from whatever country you select. It differs from Word Tracker in that it tends not to distinguish between singular and plural forms or words and may also show some duplicated rather than discrete searches.

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