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Dynamic Keyword Mapping

By including your keywords in your copy, you help boost the clickthrough rate. Keywords which occur in your ads will be highlighted by the search engine results page display processing program. This draws additional attention to your ad.

Google now offers a tool which will place the active search word from your keyword list in the ad title automatically. If you have a group of similar keywords that will still use the same body text you can enable this feature by writing out your normal body text, and placing {KeyWord: default keyword} in the title of the ad.

When the chosen keyword is greater than 25 characters the default ad title will show. Otherwise the ad will show the search term as the ad title. Also note how I capitalized the K and W in keyword. This makes the words in your ad title appear capitalized. You also can place dynamic keyword mapping technology in the middle of sentences, such as “Buy Cheap {KeyWord: default keyword}.”

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