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Drive Web Traffic With SEO

SEO is about driving traffic to destination sites on the Web. But when someone arrives at a destination site and wants to explore its content, that’s where site search kicks in. You’d be surprised how many sites are powered by FAST. We index all of the content on a site—and sometimes content off the site—and allow the customer to easily search that data.

For example, TV Guide is a FAST customer. So if you went to the TV Guide web site and did a search for the show “24,” in the past you would just get TV listings. Now, when you search for “24” on the TV Guide site powered by FAST, you might see premium content such as interviews or relevant blog results from offsite locations—all included with the search listings. Providing that additional, relevant content helps build loyalty and keeps people on the site, which in turn helps boost search engine rankings.

There was an interesting study released recently that was done by Susan Feldman at IDC. Her study indicated that up to 70 percent of searches on the Internet occur at destination sites. That means that only about 30 percent of all search goes through general web search engines like Google or Yahoo!. That gives you sense of how large site search is.

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