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Domain-naming tips

A few more things that you should keep in mind when youíre determining your domain name include:

  • Keep the name as short as possible. Too many characters in a name mean increased potential for misspellings. It also means that your site address will be much harder for users to remember unless itís something really startling.
  • Avoid dashes, underscores, and other meaningless characters. If the domain name that youíre looking for is taken, donít just add a random piece of punctuation or numerology to the name to ďget close.Ē Close doesnít count here. Instead, try to find another word thatís relevant, and possibly included in the list of keywords youíll be using. For example, instead of purchasing, try to find something like
  • Opt for a .com name whenever possible. There are lots of domain extensions to choose from: info, biz, us, tv, names, jobs. However, if the .com version of your chosen domain name is available, thatís always the best choice. Users tend to think in terms of .com, and any other extension will be hard for them to remember. Com names also tend to receive higher rankings in search engines than web sites using other extensions. So if your competition has and you choose to use, chances are the competition will rank higher in search results than you.
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